I made this piece for a class and e-literature competition. It's about driving around San Diego and feeling a little lost post-college-graduation. I made all of the GIFs in the game as well! I wanted to create a meditative, aesthetic experience. I hope you enjoy it!

(works best full screen)


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Is it just me or does the text cut off at one point not allowing me to scroll down to read the rest of the literature?


To be completely honest, I am a young girl in her teens. Though, I related to everything. From the fantasizing of different realities, to questioning sexuality, to bittersweet nostalgia and fearing that I'd endure having regrets. I also have to admit, I have cried for a good 20 minutes now because of this interactive story. I never knew someone could feel or describe how I felt. Keep up the amazing work.


It's really cool to see some else batting around night time drives and recurring invasive thoughts. Hope you do more. 


This game was really relaxing to play. I actually related to everything the character was going through. Good job!